#24, We Hardly Knew Ye



Loyal Friend, and Semi-Competent Henchman


(Warning: What continues below may contain spoilers pertaining to the television show, The Venture Brothers.)

What can I say about #24 that hasn’t already been said more adequately and more honestly by the people who knew him best..

#24 turned to the life of a henchman when he was laid off from from a somewhat steady job at the local mill. His GED didn’t afford him many options.

His first known ‘henching’ position was as one of many “Shadowmen” under the command of Phantom Limb. Within this assignment he first met his future employer “Shadowman 9”, later known as The Monarch.

While inside the ranks of The Monarch’s “Fluttering Horde” he would become friends with the henchman designated as #21. Together, 21 and 24 had many adventures at the side of The Monarch.

Recently, while unable to escape from the Monarch-mobile, which was stolen by H.E.L.P.e.R, #24 was killed in a large explosion.

#24 is survived by his father Doug, best friend #21, and employers The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

…Rest easy #24, you’re with Speedy now.


7 responses to “#24, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. I’m hoping he somehow survived the explosion, and the head that 21 caught was someone else.

  2. @JT – We all like to hope… The big question we have here is that if the H.E.L.P.e.R bomb was remote activated…then who pushed the button?

  3. Huh…had not thought of that, but you’re right. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch was last seen getting up and running off, leaving the remote in her chair.

    Maybe 24 faked the seat belt being stuck and somehow got back to the control room and set it off himself?

  4. I was reading Match.com profiles yesterday (don’t ask) and there was one that said, “If you know who the Venture Bros are then you’re my soulmate”.

    I do so love a good Match.com profile.

  5. I was on ‘Geek to Geek’ (a niche dating site…also don’t ask) and I saw someone’s profile that said “I’m looking for the Joker to my Harley Quinn”.
    That’s simply beautiful..

  6. I once broke up with a girl when she told me her favorite song was Teenage Wasteland by The Who.

    Fine, if you’re a memeber of the general public, you may believe that that is the name of the song. But to claim it is your favorite song and not know the proper title? No excuse. I also caught her listening to Nickelback.

  7. JT – I honestly wouldn’t blame you if you had committed some sort of homicidal act on her. Moron!

    VCM – Geek to geek? Uhm, I’m googling that.

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