Deinstitutionalized Ramblings

Today marks the last day of the unpleasant ordeal known as my summer job. Although I don’t know exactly what I did while I was there, I do know that I’m walking away with some very important things:

  • The knowledge that working in a factory sucks.
  • The knowledge that I can’t those 3 months back…
  • …And roughly five thousand dollars

The only thing that kept me from running around, screaming because I’ve finally given up on conventional society is knowing that for college student I couldn’t be raking in more money. The money is the only reason why I wasted 16 weeks, and killed off a small part of my soul. Am I an adult, yet?

Good thing I have a vacation coming…

Don’t worry, I haven’t blown all my money. The summer is far from over.

The first thirteen hundred dollars went to paying off my last semester. The second thirteen hundred dollars went to paying off my next semester. What’s left goes to general entertainment and this:

13-inch White
  • 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB memory
  • 160GB hard drive
  • Double-layer SuperDrive
Because of current budgetary restrictions I had to cut down a bit from my original quest, but it’s still a beautiful machine. I’m even going to the New Hampshire Apple Store to purchase it… It’s going to be an adventure!
If you have a problem with me buying a Mac, my argument is posted here

4 responses to “Deinstitutionalized Ramblings

  1. she’s a beaut she is!

    congratulations, you deserve it.

  2. NICE. I’m still a PC guy, but I can appreciate a nice Mac.

    By the way – I’m back.

  3. @JT Oh, I still gots me a pc, I just needed a new laptop.

  4. That’s the one I’m about to get! Free touch iPod? Hells yes!

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