Yesterday afternoon, while logging on to the Internets, I was surprised to discover I was being followed by a person named ‘bloggercalendar‘ on Twitter. While investigating I discovered ‘bloggercalendar’ was also following FOB (friend of blog) The Slackmistress. Because a friend of Slack is always a friend of mine I decide to dig a little bit deeper into the follower’s website. Upon entering said website I almost instantly discover I’ve been nominated for a hot blogger contest.

I know the chances of me actually winning any sort of contest that is populated by thirty plus bloggers who are one hundred times more popular than I am is extremely slim, but my now ‘slightly’ inflated ego says “Why not at least try?”

I know I can’t be more successful than the majority of my graduating class* now but being nominated (and possibly winning)sure puts me in the running.

…Stranger things have happened

* A dream of mine…

Nominations for the Hot Blogger Calendar Contest continues through August the 25th, and voting starts August 25th to Sept. 1st.

Vote earily and vote often.


5 responses to “Ladies…?

  1. I think whoever nominated me did it as a cruel joke, but no one is fessing up. Good luck.

  2. You’ve got my vote!

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  4. Dude, I voted as many times as I could for you! Don’t know if they all counted or not, but I clicked till my fingers hurt! Best of luck, brother!

  5. Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate it.

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