All’s Fair…At The Fair

It’s a little known fact that two of a Mainer’s favorite things in life are either observing or participating pissing contests and consuming vast amounts of fried/deep fried foods. The best place for one to partake in the most heated farmer rivalries while chow down on a funnel cake is the fair.. Maine loves fairs, and while in the state you can easily attend it’s roughly 7 or 8 major ones (and 3 major festivals).

Saturday I took the time out of my busy schedule (sarcasm) to take the hour and a half journey to the town of Skowhegan to attend “the nation’s oldest continuously run agricultural fair”…The Skowhegan State Fair.

Although my memories of that same fair years back are nothing but glimering seas of farm animals and corn dogs, I found this time around to be slightly disappointing. Large sections that used to be devoted to exhibits were needlessly handed over to the carnival rides and shitty merchandise vendors. Although the show animals were still in abundance, a lot of the barns were closed due to it being the first day of the livestock grooming and inspections (don’t worry I ‘ninja-ed’ my way through to some places and got some good pictures).

Hanging with my brothers-in-arms

The only thing that might have redeemed the afternoon was the discovery of wonder that is the bacon wrapped hot dog. I ate one and the angels wept….

  • The rest of the photos are here.
  • A set from the Fryburg Fair last year is here.

One response to “All’s Fair…At The Fair

  1. i miss fairs!

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