You’ve Been Blogrolled…

For the first time in…awhile I’ve decided to update the old blogroll to include some of the blogs I picked up reading in the last couple of months. See? I’m lazy.

The catalyst of my break from general my “not-doing-stuff-ness” is the recent influx of new Internet friends and an open conversation between the blogs about the usefulness of the side bar.

New additions include:

All of which are fully Caveman approved, and should be visited as soon as you are done here.

(My apologies if anyone was forgotten)


6 responses to “You’ve Been Blogrolled…

  1. WORD!

    I feel so special.

  2. Yay, we’re friends now. Let’s go shopping.

  3. Thanks! And my blogroll now has more Caveman.

  4. lol… you may inspire me yet… I still haven’t added everyone back to my Blogroll since the layout change….
    too much summer lazy.

  5. only problem i see is that i should be listed twice b/c i’m THAT delicious.

  6. You totally made me all blushy. You’re going on the blogroll.

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