Portrait Of The Artist As A House Plant

Photo taken yesterday after a 12 hour shift at the summer job…*

Two Things:

1. Sorry I haven’t been around a lot lately. It’s just the summer job has the habit of stealing all of my energy, creativity, and general happiness. I promise you I haven’t found younger, prettier Internet…yet. Till that day you always will find my ugly mug here, hammering away at the keyboard.

I’m finished with the summer job August the 22nd. So get ready…I’m going to need a hug.

2. I’m pretty sure I haven’t cut a single hair on my head since roughly May the 23rd. I figure since I don’t plan on being out in polite company for awhile, why should I bother? Unfortunately, me being at my full “cavemany-ness” is starting to wear a little thin…

The day before classes start I plan taking things down a few notches. Not all the way mind you…See, I have an extremely large melon (if you can’t see in the picture), and I keep my hair somewhat long to distract people from said gigantic noggin. The shorter the hair, the bigger my head looks.

Long hair = Caveman

Short hair = Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon depiction of a caveman

When things “go down” you’ll be the first to know, and if you have any suggestions let me know (I need all the help I can get…).

*Fun Fact: If you look deep into those eyes you can just make out an old Victrolla playing “Do your ears hang low?” on a non-stop loop.


5 responses to “Portrait Of The Artist As A House Plant

  1. I can’t tell how big your hair or your head is. I need better lighting, damn it!


  2. I think you should grow your hair and beard way, way, long and insist on being called “Captain Caveman.”

  3. vintagecaveman

    @JT – I was thinking about doing the same, but have everyone call me “Alan Moore”.
    Your way will probably allow me to run around screaming, and hitting people with things…
    I like the way you think.

  4. Do babies and toddlers just love you? I have a big ‘ole noggin too and the little ones love it!

  5. vintagecaveman

    @Jodi Thats the weird thing..Babies and todders can’t get enough of me…

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