Caveman: The Dark Knight?

As far back as I can remember my love of super heroes and the like have had a decently large place in my life (not overly obsessive, but it’s big), but Batman has been different. Batman quickly surfaced as a favorite at a very young age because I could kind of identify with him.

Growing up I knew there was no way I was the last son of a recently destroyed planet, going to develop super speed, be chosen by alien guardians to police the galaxy with a super ring, and I’m pretty sure I was never raised on a mysterious island by Amazons. The only thing that made Batman special was his mind and that resonated with me in a very weird way. I watched every episode of “Batman: The Animated Series”, had a small army of Batman action figures, and basically worshiped the ground that fictional character walked on.

Kid Caveman as The Batman.
I know..."What happened?"
You are a very funny person..

As I grew up I started to move farther and farther apart from my super hero idol, but the funny thing about “The Caped Crusader” is that no matter how far you run you won’t be able to evade him.

Around 8th grade I was introduced to to ancient Greece, more specifically the Greek tragedies, and the more I read the more I thought: Batman. Themes like the scorned hero, the eternal fight for justice, revenge, and even the unconquerable evil we sometimes must face seemed like they were all pulled out of the Batman handbook. The symmetry and artistry in motion was just plain beautiful.

Things that make me a huge Batman fan: (+20 nerd cred)

  • My first Internet pseudonym was Matches Malone
  • I own an almost complete collection of the greatest Batman graphic novels (I’m just missing Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke“)
  • I’ve already decide that my first son’s name will either be Bruce or Oliver (Oliver is the name of the Green Arrow)
  • My home is called “the Cave Cave” (or “the Matt Cave” if you want to use real names…)
  • One of my first nerd crushes was Yvonne Craig
  • I paid for me, Cavedad, and sister to go see “Batman Forever“. I was 6…
  • These are some of my most prized possessions:
  • A copy of the original government issued patent (as seen on Be the Marriage) and picture of the original television Batmobile. Both signed by George Barris, it’s creator.


2 responses to “Caveman: The Dark Knight?

  1. Yet another reason why you must come to L.A.! Barris has a gallery gallery practically around the corner from my house!

    I’m a big dork, so I was so excited that BatManuel was in The Dark Knight!

  2. vintagecaveman

    It would blow my mind to see Barris’ gallery…
    All I can say is that I will be down by you guys sometime within the next 12 months to do the whole tourist thing. The only thing that is really standing in my way is, of course, the money.

    Oh, I freaked went I saw that BatManuel was the mayor of Gotham.. We’re in the same big dork boat.

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