Glossary of Terms

I’ve always wondered why more “things” don’t have names, and whenever I find myself bored or needing something to distract me from the agonizing hum drumness of work I like to name those “things”.

Below is what I like to call Vintage Caveman’s “Glossary of Terms”. Feel free to add your own thoughts and to use my terms in your daily life.

The Kramer Continent:

When a neighbor with no obvious job can afford things like globe hopping trips, and lives a generally easier life than you could ever wish for.

See: Kramer
See: fauxbo
See: Betheboy fauxbo

The Burton-Bonham Carter Complex:

When an actress/actor offers favors (usually of a sexual nature) for continual placement in a director’s movies.

Full, original post here. Assisted on full, original post by FOB (friend of blog) Karen.

Sporadic Bacon Syndrome:

When one who enjoys bacon has the chance to enjoy bacon presented to them very infrequently.

See: Bacon
Has yet to be used… I’m hoping soon.

Tomorrow: Caveman…the Dark Knight?


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