A Little Justified Bragging

  • Friday, I finally scraped together enough money to pay off the college for my second semester.
  • Saturday, the college finally releases my second semester grades…

Ladies and Gentlemen I know I posted this earlier on BetheMarriage Live on Ice and shortly after on Twitter but…I got an A in my College Writing class. I know you wunderkinds out there in Internet Land think I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but this is huge for me.

While I was in high school I absolutely hated to write…anything. I’d go out of my way to half ass my way through an assigned essay or not to do the essay at all. I just couldn’t focus on writing something I wasn’t committed with.

I think I can attribute my change of heart, oddly enough, to this whole blog thing. For the first time I realized that I could write about literally anything I wanted (which obviously helped). The more I wrote about whatever I wanted, the more a long buried voice emerged and the more I enjoyed what I did. Plus, the whole network of people commenting on what I write really spurs me on to the next blog post.

I currently have no aspirations to become a writer in the near future, but with the industry I hope to get in to one day it helps to be able to write and not have people vomit with rage over it…


5 responses to “A Little Justified Bragging

  1. i absolutely LOVE “vomit with rage”. in fact, a band name me thinks could emerge from that.

    your college pay off deal is HUGE and as i commented on twitter, GO YOU!

    perhaps one of your teachers along the way accidentally repressed your writing skilz, i’m glad you moved beyond it b/c you are incredibly funny my dear.

    you are an old soul, never doubt yourself but keep the others guessing.

  2. A well-deserved congratulations to you on all counts!!! Caveman rocks!

  3. Hiee. Piglet sent me over to check out “vomit with rage”… I must be an idiot, as I came here looking for a button to click to hear a song… While the redness is fading from my face, I will go back and re-read what she wrote and try to figger out why I thought that.
    Any way, thanks for letting me drop in and make a fool of myself 😉

  4. Ooh, never mind. I get it. Plz don’t ask me to explain, it’s a long, drawn-out ordeal thing.
    At any rate, YAY on the A for you and I’m glad you found your voice, I identify, totally 🙂

  5. How exciting! There is nothing like doing well in something you’ve come to love… I HATED writing in highschool too. Heck, I hated it in University.. all because I was writing about things I was told to write about… now that I can write what I want… when I want (which is good as I’m very self centred) I love nothing more than to sit with my lappy, or, a really great fine point blue pen and some perfect paper- got to have the right texture paper….. ahhhhhh, makes me smile, deep inside.
    Again, congrats!

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