I(‘m not) ain’t dead yet*

Those in the know have some idea of my Internet problems, and it’s…problematic.

Fortunately, sometime within the next couple days I am switching back to a cable DSL. Unfortunately, I can’t post anything of any substance until my internets get better…

Just letting you know that I’m still alive, and plan on being so for a good long while.


Your votes helped me in to the finals of Antisocial Networking’s Nerd Crush contest and I need your help once again. The final round of voting ends Thursday at 12 PST.


*The title is actually a double reference: “I ain’t dead yet, Motherfucker!” is the title of a documentary about Richard Pryor, and “I’m not dead yet” is a famous quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


3 responses to “I(‘m not) ain’t dead yet*

  1. Once again, you got my vote!

  2. vintagecaveman

    Thank you, Jodi!

  3. I voted for you!

    P.S. ‘Ain’t’ is a contaction for ‘am not.’ So you’ve been using it correctly all along!

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