A Call To Arms

*Today’s post is best read if you picture me in front of a giant flag (like in Patton), and if you start humming “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” riggghhhht now…

In the regular course of human events it is required to support one’s beliefs by voting.

My post “Nerd At First Sight” has made it to the the semi-finals of Antisocial Networking’s Nerd Crush contest, and it will stay a semi-finalist forever unless you do something about it. Right now I ask, no implore as I’ve done before to go directly from here straight to Antisocial Networking and vote (for me)!

Heck, I don’t even care if you vote for me (I’m lying, I do care).. If you hated my post there are a a bunch of others to chose from.

Voting ends Thursday 12pm PST. Get your vote in for whoever before then, and have that that painful weight lifted.

Good Night, and God Bless…


One response to “A Call To Arms

  1. I voted for you! But, ssshhhh! Don’t tell any of the other entrants!

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