Nerd At First Sight

For Antisocial Networking’s “Nerd Crush” contest:

I believe a nerd crush can be defined as either a crush a nerd would have, or a crush on a nerd. You should be able to trust that I’ve had plenty of both…

Over the years I can remember a number of crushes I had that could considered overly “nerdy” or “geeky” but the nature of a “crush” allows it change and adapt so constantly its hard to keep tabs on my year to year interests. Current nerd crushes of mine could include:

  • Kristen Bell for her role in Heroes and future role in the super geek movie “Fanboys”
  • Zooey Deschanel for Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and her beautifully nerdy/outcast role in “The New Guy”
  • and finally Liz Sherman the fictional comic book super heroine who lives is a dark/dank world populated by mythical and highly dangerous creatures (and I guess Hellboy is there too…)

The women listed above may be beautiful, intelligent, talented, and able to set things on fire with their minds but they can barely hold a candle (Hehehe…get it? Candle..) to the wonder that was my first nerd crush: Miss Yvonne Craig.

Yvonne Craig is better known to the 1967-68 television audience as Batgirl…I know the woman who played Batgirl isn’t a very surprising nerd crush coming from me, but bare with me for a second..

What was I saying again? Ummm, oh yea…

I discovered the lovely Miss Craig around 14 years ago, one Saturday morning. I was flipping through channels looking for the ever elusive “Saturday Morning Cartoon” when I stumbled on a live-action Batman. The sheer 60’s television violence and the whole Batman-ness drew me in but the thing that captivated me was Batgirl. I don’t know what it was but there hasn’t be a red-head that could make me go all “googley eyed” like her since..

My God, look at that smile…

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