I Do A Lot Of Things For The Funny

A scene from my life…

Tuesday, June 17th
Roughly 5:30 pm

Moments after the dental hygienist has finished torturing me to discover the location of the Sankara stones* the dentist saunters in…
My dentist is your standard big practice, fancy car, summer vactions in the islands kinda guy and he looks at me with a general disinterest.

While he sets up behind me I quitely wait.

That chair-head-rest-thing goes down and my dentist looks down at me with a pair of over-sized jewlers glasses. Not giving him the chance to get one of those giant metal hooks near my mouth I look back up at him, smile, and say:
“What’s up doc?”

He gives me a half hearted chuckle, furrows his brow, and replies dryly:
“How long have you’ve been waiting to say that?”

I sigh, and turn back toward the window:
“All day…”

Suddenly the dentist hooks me like a carp and I slowly fade into a sea of blood, and large sharp “instruments”. My last coherent thought for the next half an hour that didn’t begin with “ow” was:
“Totally worth it…”

*I’m sorry. For some reason I’m in a weird Spielberg funk.


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