Quick “Diary of the Dead” Review

I received George A. Romero’s newest addition to his ever popular “of the Dead” series, “Diary of the Dead”, late last Saturday night. and I spent the better part of that Sunday watching the hell out of it.
Although I can’t say “Diary” is the best zombie movie I ever seen, the fantastic use of the newly popular handy cam style, and the all out ballsyness of the production crew definitely qualifies this for the top 5.


  • A fantastic use and expansion of the “handy cam” filming style.
  • Solid commentary on culture today.
  • Not too gory. (Just gory enough.)
  • A triumphant return to the classic low budget zombie flick.
  • Well put together.


  • Poor acting. (Really? What do you expect?)
  • Basic CGI and plot hole cheating.

In conclusion:
Some could believe I trusted Mr. Romero a bit to much, seeing I purchased “Diary” without even attending the theatrical run (which was incredibly limited), but that trust was well founded. “Diary of the Dead” is a really interesting look at how the Internet and new media changed the way we get our information and live our day to day lives.
This movie is undoubtedly a solid rental, but if your thing is walking deadw or new and inventive styles of film making I can’t recommend this movie enough for purchase.

Standard Score:7.5/10

Horror Movie Score: 4 severed fingers out of 5


2 responses to “Quick “Diary of the Dead” Review

  1. Romero’s Land of the Dead had a terrific cast and some fine acting. I haven’t seen his latest, but I think, based on at least some of his previous efforts, you CAN expect good acting in a Romero zombie flick!

  2. vintagecaveman

    That’s weird because I loved “Land of the Dead” also, but it’s like from the the second I hit STOP on the DVD player I was constantly being told that it was terrible.
    Don’t listen to people. They will only ruin good movies.

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