“Ten bucks says it’s over fifty.”

I started my new summer job Tuesday, and as of the moment I’m writing this, I have no major problems with it (which surprised the hell out of me). Of course it is in a factory that makes “decorative laminates”* and all factory jobs suck (except for Shotz brewery of course) but I stand in one place all day doing the same 5 movements without having to think**. Not having to think about what you’re going to do next is a great change of pace for the year I just had…
Everything goes at such an easy speed it almost seems the only thing stopping a robot from doing my job is the company’s laziness to purchase a robot. With the money they spent on me in the first week, I have no doubt they could have bought a robot. They gave me everything I really needed to get started to include a pair of 80 dollar steel-toe sneakers that hurt my feet, cool rubbery gloves, cheapo safety glasses, and ear plugs that make me dizzy.
Overall, everything went great on my first day…until I threw up. Yes, I thew up.
I was working for a good 2 to 3 hours when the waves of “bad feeling” started to hit and I just wrote it off as the smell***. I excused myself to the bathroom/water fountain area to get hydrated, and kinda…threw up…everywhere. The factory nurse later attributed my “episode” dehydration, aggravated by a slight food poisoning (bad cafeteria breakfast sandwich), and first day nerves.. Yay, me!
Other than getting sick all around the bathroom my day finished up really well. I even got to use the bailer like in “The Office” (How cool is that?).

I will updates periodically as to how I’m doing in the new job, and how I’m spending my oodles of cash.

*Code for kitchen counter tops, and bad 70’s wooden paneling.
**Grab the board, then slide. Move back. Grab, then flip. Repeat ad nauseum.
**The place of reeks formaldahyde. For those not in the know, the smell of formaldahyde is a combination of old dead cat, dirty sweat pants, with a buttery chemical aftertaste.


One response to ““Ten bucks says it’s over fifty.”

  1. the buttery aftertaste chemical component has been isolated and added to all microwave popcorn.


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