I Have No Idea Anymore..

Starting today I have two jobs, and I have no idea how this happened…

Right before I left my last job I applied for and was in the running for a a phone sales position. Two or three days after my second interview with that company I received a call from the place that I had my horrible summer job experience with last year and they wanted me back this year.

My first inclination was to shoot down the company that royally screwed my entire summer last year, but then they offered me more money. I’m really in need of money so I blindly sign up for orientation (Friday at 8). Today I had my final meeting with the phone sales people and they basically hand me the job due to my prior sales experience and then introduced me to the rest of the management.

As I’m shaking hands with the “Senior Second Shift Floor Manager” I realize that I must have inadvertently sold my soul to the devil because this kind of stuff never happens to me.

Of course it means more money, but I have absolutely no idea what effect it’ll have on my writing here, my writing in general (I want to try and squeeze 4 good essays out of this summer), or on this whole “being a person thing”. I personally have no clue what the future holds for me so stay tuned.

(Also I let you know when I quit one of my jobs out of frustration, so we can go out and have a drink. My buy…)

UPDATE (5/22/08 4:34pm)- Problem solved. I just received a call from the phone sales people and the training will interfere with the other job no matter what. One has to go…


2 responses to “I Have No Idea Anymore..

  1. Phone sales as in telemarketing, or phone sales as in selling phones?

  2. vintagecaveman

    Selling over the phone… They’d call wanting info on a product and I’d sell it to them or up-sell them.

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