Geek: The Origins

For Antisocial Networking’s “Coming out of Comic Book Closet” contest:

It may surprise some of you (sarcasm), but I was geeked from birth. Straight from the get go “the Simpsons” were almost the entirety of my life, and my hero was either Herman Munster, Maxwell Smart, or Batman (it switched around a lot). I believe I can blame a good chunk of my geekiness on my father never censored what media I was exposed to. I mean, my father took me to see “Escape from L.A.” when it came out…I was seven.

Like most people I was not aware who I was right away (I’m actually still unsure), but I ran into a pretty large signpost in the fifth grade:

It was a day or two before Christmas and the teacher (who was noticeably hung over) declared the we were going have a trivia contest, and we had to split up in to groups. Me being the socially awkward child I was I wasn’t to happy to do the whole “group thing” so the teacher paired me with the “weird kid” (who interestingly enough burnt down two buildings six years later). The contest started and it was almost all popular culture.

An hour and 50 to 70 questions later my team had won by an overwhelming margin (I can’t remember, but I was at least 200 points past everyone). That moment of victory and the crushing alienation of my peers because of my victory cemented the fact that I was indeed a geek.

I all went down hill from there for the young geek Caveman. A month later I started collecting comic books, and two months after that I started the Hobbit (which oddly cemented my love of reading).


4 responses to “Geek: The Origins

  1. My parents were the same way on exposure ot media, although younger slackbro j. got “Escape from NY” rather than LA, and spent many a day playing “Snake Pliskin.” 🙂

  2. We may be geeks, but most of the “cool kids” from our youth are probably unemployed, unsuccessful, and without vision. I’m proud to be a geek!

  3. Geeks rule! I’m more of a nerdy dork myself, but there’s a little geek in there too!

  4. Geek is the new jock.

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