Why I’m a nerd, Redux

About a year and two months ago I had nothing really good to post but wanted something substantial up so I threw together a list of people I’d like to meet. The list was really a last minute thing that didn’t reflect my thoughts exactly, but long story short it attracted the attention of a beautiful LA Blogger and one hundred plus blog visits.

Since that faithful post I’ve been meaning to take the time to sit down and think “really who would I like to meet?”*. I started “Why I’m a nerd, Redux” about two weeks ago and I proud to say that I think I’m finished**.

People I’d Love To Meet (with basic explanations!):

  1. Slack & Betheboy : Natch. If you don’t know why then you have to stop reading this…now!
  2. Guillermo del Toro: One of my newest favorite directors. He has a great style, and an ability to recognize talent like no one else.
  3. Christopher Walken: A large part of my childhood.
  4. Ricky Gervais: For the original The Office. One of the funniest British people.
  5. Ringo Starr: Good drummer, great Beatle.
  6. Dan Akroyd: The lead in my favorite movie, distinctive characters, was in the good Saturday Night Live.
  7. George A. Romero: For bring us the modern day zombie. Must be full of good stories.
  8. Marcia Wallace: For her work in Match Game, The Bob Newhart Show, and the Simpsons. I hear she is genuinely funny.
  9. Lorne Michaels: In the 70’s he was a young producer with a dream who created a fantastic show.
  10. Patrick Warburton: A generally great actor from Seinfeld to the Venture Brothers.
  11. You: I like you guys. Sometimes when I’m feeling low I like to see what you’re doing and it almost always cheers me up. I’d go visit each and everyone of you if you’d have me.(/creepy)

The 5th incarnation of the list

Tomorrow: Geek: The Origins

Sunday: Bob Dylan Concert: Post Mortem

*I don’t believe everyone is the best in their field, just very interesting people who inspire me.

**When this list was constructed everyone was alive (or at least since I last checked), and if someone dies between the time I post this and when you read this I claim no responsibility.


2 responses to “Why I’m a nerd, Redux

  1. George A. Romero. Niiiice. I wonder if he’s all creepy and macabre?

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