Cave Painting

A good while back I discovered through some random blog posting that artist Ali Spagnola would paint whatever you wanted and send it to you for free.

(from the website) “I want you to have my art. It is priceless. As in, I haven’t put a price on it. I can’t make sense of putting a price on my work. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get rid of it. I can’t keep all of these paintings so you should own one. I’m giving them away to anyone that asks. So take one. Its Fine Art, I swear.”

Me being the one who couldn’t pass up a free offer if I wanted to, I emailed and requested a caveman (I’m sorry…it is like my thing). Time passed on, and I completely forgot about my request…that is until I got an email from Ali. The email was very simple, stating apologies for being so late and that my painting was finished. I sent along my address and feverishly laid in wait.

My painting arrived today, and I got to say that there no cooler feeling than having someone paint something for you. I just got figure out where I’m going to put it.

Looks just like me.

If you want a free painting just stop by Ali’s website, look over some of the stuff she has done, and pop her an email. She has got a great style. Unfortunately, there might be a slight wait due to the call of free art being so powerful, but trust me it is fully worth the wait.

While on Ali’s site feel free to roam around a bit and you might just discover that Ali isn’t just a talented artist, but she is a fantastic musician as well…


2 responses to “Cave Painting

  1. That is so incredibly cool. Art for the sake of art and beautifying the world.

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