Nerdtastic Weekend in Three

It was a cool misty morning in the old mill town of Lewiston Maine, and I was preparing for battle.

This Saturday was unlike any other Saturday seen before, it was Free Comic Book Day. Soon every nerd, geek, and opportunist who loves the word free will descend upon my comic book store…I had to get ready.

I threw on my red Chucks for maximum agility and speed, my forest green jacket because it is lightweight with very little surface to be grabbed, my red messenger bag, and last but not least:my game face.

I burst through the front door with a complete strategy in hand.

  1. Locate free comics
  2. If there is a crowd (there was), force my way to the front.
  3. Grab and bag all of  the free comics
  4. Fight my way out.

The rest of my time was spent perusing the non-free comics, and engaged in a little friendly nerd debate (“Boba Fett beating Batman in a fight? Fat chance!”).

Overall I had a good haul: 20+ free comics, 3 paid for comics, and a possible broken finger.

Later in the day I attended a showing of the adaptation of the Marvel classic: Iron Man.

Cutting to the chase the movie was a solid a 7.5 out of 10, but for a Marvel movie it was definitely a 9. I have been abused in the past by Marvel movies and for some reason I go crawling back every time they release a new one hoping they could change. To my surprise and delight Iron Man follows no pattern that the previous movies have set.

I would like to attribute the goodness of this movie to the general horribleness of “Rise of the Silver Surfer” but most of the things that made this movie decent could solely be rested on the shoulders of Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr.’s love of the character of Tony Stark shows in everything that happens in the movie, from the dramatic hostage scenes to the comedic relief.

The thing that always fascinated me about Tony Stark is that he is incredablely flawed, but yet he can see passed his own issues, ailments, and proclivities to do some good. He is essentially the man we all strive to be, yet pity.

Summary: Good movie. You’ll enjoy it…


I got a Wii.

…that’s it.

Caveman: Fake Bowling Master


2 responses to “Nerdtastic Weekend in Three

  1. Although I was at Maker Faire, I am a little bummed I missed FCBD. Haven’t seen Iron Man yet and honestly, will probably see Speed Racer first. Oh, and I don’t have a Wii at home (lucky!), but I do get to play one at work from time to time…while on the clock! I’ve heard that Animal Crossing will be coming out for the Wii sometime this year. Whether that is true or not–I can’t say. Have fun! Nerd.

  2. Sounds like a solid weekend. Beats the hell out of mine, anyways.

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