The less of them you see, the better.

I feel I’m correct in the assumption that most people generally think that their co-workers are normal respectable people…until you get a chance to really talk.

A few nights ago I was closing with a co-worker and the topic of national tragedies comes up. Our general conversation goes from Pearl Harbor to the Kennedy assassination to the Oklahoma city bombing, and it eventually lands on 9/11. It was a great discussion until my co-worker got all “loose change” on me.

He looks at me straight in the eye and let loose a stream of nutty conspiracy theories, and I was left there to smile and a nod my head. I really don’t think I could honestly look at this guy in the same light anymore. I mean, I believe in all sorts of crazy things (i.e. aliens, ghosts, etc..),  it is just when someone can genuinely state ill-researched facts, and complete untruths as reality is when I back away from the “relationship” s.l.o.w.l.y. 

The underlying lesson here is: “Never talk to co-workers. They will only disappoint you.”


One response to “The less of them you see, the better.

  1. You are a very wise caveman!

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