Post of the Living Dead

Whenever I say that I enjoy a good zombie movie I always get sicken looks and sad faces because most people assume I only enjoy the gore, which is not the case. The thing I enjoy most about zombie movies is the heightened survivor aspect. Whenever you put a character up against unconquerable odds it always makes a great movie, but when you put said character up against thousands of blood thirsty unconquerable odds you can really see what they are made of.

All sort of things go down when the dead walk the earth, and I believe none of us know what we would do or what would become of us. It really takes a really good writer to set up the general range of emotions that a character (or characters) would understandably go through and a basic plausible situation that involves the living dead.*

Good survival/zombie movies:

  • The Last Man on Earth ( 1964 )**
  • Night of the Living Dead ( 1968 )
  • Dawn of the Dead ( 1978 )
  • Zombi 2 ( 1979 )
  • Fido ( 2006 )
  • Planet Terror ( 2007 )


*Harder than you think

**technically vampires, but I don’t care


5 responses to “Post of the Living Dead

  1. @nyquildotorg

    For me, a big part of the movies is the forced cooperation with people they’d otherwise never interact with. There is sort of a societal hierarchy that always seems to present itself, and the same sorts of shifts in power always seem to take place as well. As the defacto leader proves himself to become crazier and crazier, the balance tends to shift to someone a little bit more sane, at which point the struggle is not only with the zombies, but the followers of the defacto leader as well.

    This, in my opinion, is EXTREMELY realistic. This is the way we behave.

    A great example of this is Frank Darabont’s The Mist. There may not be freaky monsters outside our windows, but there are people who, presented with insanity, will latch onto a crazy leader and do unspeakable things as a result.

    Humans are pretty screwed up.

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t include Shaun of the Dead on your list. I may have to not be talking to you. (Kidding!) I’m glad to see that Fido made the cut though. I really enjoyed that movie!

    What about 28 Days Later? Again, not *technically* zombies, but it sort fits the category, yes?

  3. vintagecaveman

    @jer- good point

    @jodi- I’ve included “28 Days Later” in so many other zombie lists and the guff storm that followed was not worth it.

    To be honest the list was getting alittle long so cuts had to be made.

  4. I cannot belive you like zombie movies for this reason! This is a big thing at home; husband and brother routinely discuss the zombie defensability of certain structures. Example: we had to be out of our apartment for a month while they remodeled and we went to a different apartment in the same complex. There was an hour long discussion about how the temporary apartment was significantly less defensible than the original.

    Read World War Z? Or his survival guide?

  5. vintagecaveman

    I loved World War Z so much I bought the audio book…

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