A letter

Dear Old Woman (who lives in my building, one floor below me),

Why when ever we pass each other in our daily going-ons of life you constantly give me a dirty look? I know I’m the youngest in our building by…30 years, but it is not like I’m going to rob you. I wouldn’t even think about robbing you, you know where I live. (I kid, I kid)

I don’t know why you can’t even make an effort to be somewhat pleasant. I at least try to smile when we see each other, and I offered to help you with your groceries once or twice.

Although, if you are upset by the fact that our building has paper-thin walls and I like to keep late noisy hours or maybe that time I almost accidentally hit you with a car I can totally understand your position.


Your Neighbor

Matthew “Caveman” Becker


One response to “A letter

  1. Dear Old Man Who Lives Next Door,

    Why do you insist on running outside to talk to me every time I go into the backyard? I understand that you’re probably lonely, and I try to make time for you, but when I explain that I’m in a hurry, and just home for lunch to give the dogs some fresh water, take a hint. I’ll be back at 6 or 7 tonight, and you can tell me the same stories repeatedly for 45 minutes then.


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