America’s real favorite past time, or Why I, and most people, love the Irish

While passing by the biggest bakery in town I was reading the list of seasonal snacks and one particular St. Patrick’s day staple jumped out and screamed noting but a good time: Irish Soda Bread. Unfortunately, 7 bucks and a Wikipedia trip later I discovered not everything with “Irish” in it’s name is alcoholic..(Also, that soda bread isn’t really that good.)

For a little while after my discovery I was feeling a little down because I just subjugated a whole culture by perpetuating a an age old stereotype, but it wore off quickly. Stereotypes in essence are bad things, but everyone has a few that they reach for in certain situations.

Don’t look at me like I’m a bad person…Stereotypes are an evolutionary defense that came out of certain truths to save time when meeting people of just to protect ones self when in dangerous or tense situations.

Some of those truths will be, and continue to be French nationals are a-holes, the Irish are consistently alcoholic, fat guys are jolly, and white people can’t dance.

In conclusion, perpetuating stereotypes is essential to survival, and is truly the American (Canadian, British, etc..) way.


4 responses to “America’s real favorite past time, or Why I, and most people, love the Irish

  1. My job today is to make some Irish Soda bread… to sop up the juices from the Irish stew we’re having for dinner… which will be tasty because we’re drinking it with large amounts of Guiness.

  2. Stereotypes can also be based on your personal experience. All of the Irish I know (and even those who pretend to be–another story) are pretty much alcoholics.

  3. I have a strong irish background and, you’re right, I can’t dance. But, I’ve never had a hangover – THANK YOU IRISH BLOOD! 😀

  4. soda bread was… tasty
    stew was… stew
    Guiness… went down well… happy day before St.Patty’s.

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