An interesting choice of music

I play music, but I’d hardly consider myself a “musician”. I know I’ve called myself a “musician” in the past and in a previous post but calling ones self a musician comes somewhat too natural. Its just that it seems unfair to call any old yahoo who can pick up a instrument and memorize a few ditties a musician, it’s like calling a guy who has a blog a writer (At least that’s what I tell women…). I believe the title should be earned with years of hard work and effort.

A friend of mine is studying  “Celtic Fiddling” in college right now and she is one of the best musicians I have ever seen. I might have been close to the legendary “musician” status one or twice, but now I have receded into my ditties.


I intend to learn to play the ukulele.


In my entire music playing experience I’ve never played a stringed instrument (at least not that I can remember…it was high school) and I figure a ‘uke’ would be the best thing to lead me down a new musical pathway since guitars can be expensive (and I’ve known too many a-holes who whip them out at parties) and the violin/cello/bass takes along time to learn (and I’m lazy). All that plus the ukulele’s extensive history and a catalog of good, playable music it seems like an obvious choice.

Before anyone spawns even the tiniest nugget of doubt here are some videos that helped me make my decision, enjoy:

(saw this and thought of you, Will)


3 responses to “An interesting choice of music

  1. The ukelele is cool!

  2. I’m headed to see a Ukulele Bluesman next week (I kid you not) Manitoba Hal… gotta love the guy. look him up…. also… click on the photo… my favourite uke player of all time.

  3. @L.Bo -I like him too.Does a mean version “While my guitar gently weeps”. Wasn’t he on Conan not to long ago?

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