Goals of life?

For some reason, being the college student that I am allows people to ask a number of unusual questions like: “Where do you go?”, “What’s your Major?”, “Why are you looking at me like that?”. Which are all normally fine and I’ll answer you with a smile, but question that truly annoys me is “What are your goals for the future?”.

My answer for the ones who are ‘dieing’ to know is the usual “Graduate. Career. Die Happy.”. I haven’t really took the time to plain out anything, but weird events that have arisen in a friend’s life have communicated to me that I should be less lax and drop my whatever will be, will be look on the world.

Over the past week and a half whenever I had the time I constructed a list, reconstructed a list and came up with a list of overall desirable achievables. A lot of the list is comprised of things I’ve always wanted to do, but a good percentage is stuff that when you think about it you can’t help but think…”That would be awesome”. I hope you enjoy my little compilation, and hope you find something to add to your own lists.

Caveman’s Non-Important But Still Very Desirable Life Goals:

  • Get a tattoo of my hero: Abraham Lincoln

5 responses to “Goals of life?

  1. except maybe the Abe tat and the spork people thing… I think maybe you stole my list.

  2. Do you mean do the blogging thing for at least four years on the same blog? I tried that but I got tired of my domain names eventually. I’m now on my third.

    And I’m with you on the steak thing. I love steak. I’d have to take off of work for a few days afterwards to deal with my post-meat-drunkenness, though.

  3. If you are a Lincoln fan, you need to check out this video. Professor Merrell Gage, retired head of the Department of Sculpture at the University of Southern California, describes the life and career of Abraham Lincoln as he sculpts a lifelike bust of him, making physical changes in the subject’s hair, beard and expression to correspond to events in his life. I saw it recently when someone was screening some old 16mm films. It’s very cool.

  4. I’ve always wanted to do the giant steak as well. I’m alwasy tempted when I happen to be within 50 miles of any place that has one of those challenges, but I always chicken out.

  5. Karen and JT – I’m going to Boston for spring break and I’ve been hunting for a good steak house to stop at while I’m down there. You’ll be the first to know when the giant steak eating goes down.

    Jodi – That was really neat, thanks!

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