Dipping into the well

 Look at what I found while I was cleaning out my hard drive.


A Rainbow

Enjoy your crappy snow filled day. If it doesn’t snow were you live please send me an estimate on a bus ticket out of here…


4 responses to “Dipping into the well

  1. It was 77 degrees here on Fat Tuesday. Now that we’re back to work, it’s 34 again.


  2. … make that two tickets please….
    grumble grumble frickin’ snow grumble grumble

  3. Am I evil to mention it? Los Angeles: sunny and 75 degrees. Actually, I haven’t played in the snow in ages and wouldn’t mind swapping places with you for a day or two.

  4. I looked online at Greyhound, but those bastards don’t publish rate info. Let’s say $75.

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