Free Write

The first ten minutes of my College Writing class is something called ‘Free Write’. The whole point of the free write is to use all the time alloted for unrestricted, free flowing creativity. I thought I’d post some of my free writes in hope of making it a regular thing, and to fill some space…

WARNING. The below is free flowing Caveman thought, and should be only taken while under a doctor’s supervision:

“Sitting in my College Writing course doing a “free write”. I have no idea what to free write about, which of course is very indicative of my whole writing process. When I sit down to actually plan out what I have to write I come up with a blank, but when I allow things to flow through me randomly I’m a fricken Shakespeare.
I enjoy the works of Shakespeare, but find the plays written around the time he was the royal playwright very masturbatory.  I’m not calling “The Bard” out for stroking him ego a little, it’s just that the works the that came from from less regal heritage are true works of art. Some may argue that although Shakespeare wasn’t in the “poor house” with he wrote his sonnets, but those were written with passion, and feeling which of obviously spans the class gap.”

“My goal for this New Year is to become a god to something. I’ve always believed the “Prime Mover” has had a bad rap and I would like to see how things are run from his/hers sense.
You’ll notice that I said I wanted to be a god to something not someone or some people. I figure if I can’t find a creature with a pulse to rule over I could just be a god to a spoon. Spoons are grateful for what they have.
I actually have several pets, and a lot of people consider having pets is playing god in someway, but when we get angry at god for no reason we don’t take a crap on him in any literal way.”

Does anyone know where I can find a good pair of green/olive canvas or burlap lounge/walking shoes?


2 responses to “Free Write

  1. I guess I’m a goddess then to all of my pets!

  2. Nice. I like this feature. Also, I would recommend you go the fork route.

    Spoons are too docile.

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