Super Bowl Blues

Well, the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday and for once in my life I’m completely disinterested.

I have mentioned previously that I root for the Chicago Bears almost exclusively, but with three different Quarterbacks and a generally terrible season I am unable to watch my team make it to the end. The rule then is if your team gets eliminated then you have to root for your second string team, and for my second string I fall in with local loyalties. Unfortunately, me being in Maine means my second string team is the Patriots.

Rooting for the Patriots would be fine any other season, but they’ve done so much this year its annoying. Why waste the energy?

I remember one year when I was lucky enough to have my birthday and the big game happen on the same day, and the Patriots were playing either the Packers or the Cowboys. The Patriots lost pretty badly but that didn’t matter because my favorite team at the time kinda sucked and making it to the Super Bowl was a great accomplishment. Winning 18 games in a row just spoils the excitement for everyone.

When the Super Bowl finally rolls around you can find me watching Law and Order, and occasionally checking in for the commercials.


One response to “Super Bowl Blues

  1. I was really into football as a kid (Dallas Cowboys–thanks to my grandmother), but am over it since college. My parents and brother are huge Giants fans though.

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