A Super Bowl Experiment

(In conjunction with Super Bowl Blues)

While scraping what was left of a nacho dinner off my plate I figure since I’m not watching one of the biggest sporting events of the year I’m going to find out the score sooner or later…right?

The question that looms in my mind is ‘Why do I have to find out?’. The mission is as I see it, ladies and gentlemen, is to go as long as possible without finding out the score of the Super Bowl.

How am I planing to do this you may ask? Well…I have no idea, but it’s probably gonna have to involve a selective media black-out. The media black-out would have to involve very limited access to newspapers, television channels with news or talk shows, and most of the Internet. It’s going to be tough and the fact that I have absolutely no faith in my is not going to help, but  I’ll try.

Wish me luck. Updates to follow…

Update 1 (6:32 AM): Quickly avoided the neighbor’s newspaper with cat-like agility. Saw a big picture, but it was only a second….

Update 2 (7:38 AM): I lost… After avoiding the radio, and the crazy people at the bus station I simply go to read my e-mail and discover a Facebook group invitation to “I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who don’t care that the Patriots lost”.

Damn you Facebook! You’ve foiled my plans for the last time…

(Go Giants) 


2 responses to “A Super Bowl Experiment

  1. I watched the last 2 minutes…in a Best Buy, where I was looking at TVs…it was exciting. Probably much more so than the rest of the game. I couldn’t care less about the outcome though.

  2. Damn you, Caveman! Until now, *I* was unaware of the Super Bowl victors. (I still don’t know or care about the scores.)

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