Plugging other people’s stuff


Ben over at Killer Sandbox Productions just bought himself a brand new drawing tablet and he feels he needs a little practice. Just go over Ben’s blog to and he’ll draw you whatever you want in the name self improvement. I asked for a “green” picture and got the above, and I love it…

His name is The Incredible Hallk. He is an upper middle manager with severe caffeine dependency issues.

(note:At this time Ben might not still be doing it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask…)


Friend of the blog The Slackmistress has decided that she will no longer remain apocalyptic fodder, and has plan to survive. The Post-Apocalyptic Workout is basically a planed workout and skills lesson that is specifically structured to survive a world overrun by zombies, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and alien invasions. Readers can become involved by tracking The Slackmistress’ progress, offer suggestions, or workout along with her. For those who like a little social interaction with their post-apocalyptic survival there is a PAW home game forum.

I’ve been following PAW since she started dodging zombies, and I hope to participate as soon as it warms up outside.

I’d like to take a second now to promote a couple blogs I’ve discovered over the past month or so that are run by some pretty awesome people:

Advanced Marital Age

How’s Anne?


Seven Lies


5 responses to “Plugging other people’s stuff

  1. I’m incredibly flattered that you plugged my site. And you’re pretty darn awesome too. 🙂

  2. Holy shit, I feel famous.

    And totally unworthy.


  3. Well, sheeeeit. Thanks for the plug!

  4. yay me! you are the cutest thing eva … and how did you know that i’m advanced *marital* age as well as advanced *maternal* age?! psychic …

  5. @nita – opps! Well…it’s good either way, I guess

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