With appologies to Antonio Fargas

While at work, close to a month ago, I was waiting for my replacement and his intrinsically pretty girlfriend wanders in looking for him. Naturally, being the warm-blooded male I am the instinct is to shirk my responsibilities and chat up the young lady is strong.Unfortunately the conversation turns over to her boyfriend.

I always hate it when the boyfriend/girlfriend of a friend talks in extensive loving deal about them. My co-worker is an interesting guy who likes “heavy metal” and taking pictures. I really don’t want to taint my reality by hearing that “he’s so sweet” or that he’s layered in anyway other than how I know him (I’m selfish like that).

Anyways…when she moved into “pet names” I perked right up, because an afternoon of “good natured” ribbing was exactly what the doctor ordered for the afternoon. She lists a few cutesy names and a few pretty funny ones to include “Grumpy Bear”. We all had a few good laughs and got back to work.

‘Bout a hour later “co-worker” walks in and we lay the list of names generously handed to us by the girlfriend. We have a few more laughs, and he takes it all in stride; all except for “Grumpy Bear”. He claims his girlfriend has never called him that before.

Then it happen, one of my other co-workers said “You kinda look like a Grumpy Bear”. Then it was like everyone on the sales floor silently nodded, and a bad nickname was born.

See kids? That is what happens when shit backfires. You end up with a nickname like Grumpy Bear…


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