Bearded Late Night

I am a fierce supporter of WGA in these trying times but when the late night talk show hosts returned Wednesday I was overjoyed. Although the return was with no writers, and under fear of losing their deals I could see the happiness in their eyes about returning to the ol’ stage after so long.

I love late night talk shows. If it wasn’t for Conan, Dave, and Jay I’d be more rested, less happy, and short a couple dozen stolen jokes.

The most interesting thing about the whole ordeal is that both David Letterman, and Conan O’Brien returned with full beards.


For some odd reason they believe nothing says “sitting around doing nothing (in solidarity)” like a beard.

Guess were they got that idea from:



4 responses to “Bearded Late Night

  1. Letterman settled with the writers, and returned to the air with his writing staff back.

  2. Yay!

  3. yeah, and i read that WorldWidePants, Letterman’s production company, was eligible through some loophole sort of thing, to negotiate on their own. so, it probably only seemed like they had no writers cuz, you know, they’re all hungover and whatnot?!

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