Occupational Hazard

I got into work today, and 20 minutes into my shift an older gentleman wanders in. I wait about thirty seconds then I approach to ask him if he needs help finding anything. He needs a specific web cam, and I lead him to the exact one. I ring him up and he turns to leave but then turns back and says:
“I just came here from Best Buy. At Best Buy I wandered around for close to a half an hour and no one asked me anything. I walked in here and you approched me. You were so helpful and friendly. I’d just like to say thank you very much.”

I really starting to dislike my job. The majority of my stories from there are actually starting to put me to sleep.


2 responses to “Occupational Hazard

  1. … are you trained to NEVER asked what someone wants a webcam for?!

  2. Although that probably would lead to a funnier story in the future, he needed a very specific brand of laptop webcam and we had it. If he had no idea what cam he wanted I would have asked.

    Wow…I’m boring.

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