Caveman’s Christmas Shopping Guide

As some of you may know I’ve been working at Radio Shack for a little more than month and a half. I like my job alright, but it’s been pretty hellish.

Because it’s Christmas time I’ve been working all kinds of crazy hours which have been wearing me down a bit, but thats not even the worse part. The closer we get to the big 25th, the more rude, crude, and selfish customers get.

I know the holidays are hectic and stressful for everyone but interrupting me when I’m with another customer, yelling at me because we’re sold out of something, or just being overall bitchy and uncooperative pisses me off to no end.

To make any future holiday shopping easier I made a small list of tips and suggestions.

  1. If you know exactly what you want to purchase do a little research ahead of time. Check the store’s web site and call ahead. You’ll have a exact idea of what’s in stock, and you won’t have to come all the way down for nothing.
  2. Be patient! No matter how tired and upset you are, there have been 10 more people just like you in earlier.
  3. Buying  the extra warranty  is usually a rip-off, except if it’s on an I pod or Laptop. Both of them come into my store regularly in need of repair.
  4. If a sales person offers an extra accessory or warranty that you don’t want/need please don’t get upset. The sales person makes a lot less than you, and most commissions nowadays are based of those “bonus items”.
  5. No Checks please. I can’t stress this enough.
  6. Finally, If you see someone in front of a store handing out fliers please take one. They won’t let that person back inside until they’ve gotten rid of all of them (personal experience).

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