“Christmas Spirit” is one sneaky bastard..

Today, a little bit of my “Christmas Spirit” caught up with me. I’ve be lamenting the lack of said “Spirit”, and that sneaky bastard finally poked his head out.

At a little holiday get-together the College put on for their Freshman today I won a twenty dollar gift card to Walmart. I really don’t go to Walmart that often, but I figured I could use it for something.

After the get-together ended I had to zip line it to a Student Senate meeting that was schedule to start 10 minutes earlier. I settle down in my seat just in time to hear that the “giving tree” had two cards left and they were looking for help.

(For those not in the know a “giving tree” is a Christmas tree where a local charity hangs little cards with a name of a needy child and what they’d like for Christmas. Someone takes that card off the tree and buys the gifts.)

I thought for a little…

I figured that every kid needs a present on Christmas, and there was a 80% chance I wouldn’t of had the gift card in the first place so I handed the card down. It was the least I could do.

“All of the sudden the Grinch-style x-ray machine lowers down, and wait!…Caveman’s heart has grown two sizes!”

 Merry Christmas, needy kids!

1934-Scrooge at the Internet Archive


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