Black and Blue Friday

I haven’t had much time to post since Thursday because as some of you may know I work in retail and yesterday was the legendary “Black Friday”. I would be alot more beaten down right now if things hadn’t of changed Tuesday: I’ve been transferred.

Not just transferred, but given entirely different job within the Radio Shack.

I walk into work on Tuesday, and was given the option: of staying at that store and only getting fifteen hours aweek or going to the store in the next city over and excepting a “cashier” position (no major dealings with customers, and extremely small commissions but a set salary) that will guarantee me aleast twenty-five hours aweek + hourly bonus.

I accepted the “cashier” position.

With the set salary, hourly bonus,  and more hours I’m looking to make a alot more money than at the original store. The only foreseeable problem is that moving to another store switches my status from part-time to seasonal, and that’s only a problem if I can’t do a good enough job to stay past the holidays.

It’s all good (if not good, better).

To sum up the last few paragraphs: I no longer sell things, which means I’m no longer the enemy. We can continue being friends.


2 responses to “Black and Blue Friday

  1. I worked jobs just like this through college, I understand.

  2. if you’re gonna sell, do it for commission. i made a buttload selling insurance. no lie. hated myself and will burn in hell in the not too distant future, but a buttload of cash 🙂

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