Pass the awkwardness please

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I am not too excited. I love my family, and I like seeing them every once and awhile but Thanksgiving is a very awkward holiday.

I don’t mind having to get my hair cut (for the grandparents), and getting all dressed up but I feel doing all that for a holiday that’s soul purpose is eating is tiresome and pointless. We all eventually end up asking the same old questions, and playing pool anyways (I suck at pool).

I understand that Thanksgiving is also about giving thanks and being with family but my family does that alot on Christmas, Easter, and at least two times in the summer

Now, enough of me being a jerk:

I’m thankful for 1. my life, love, and happiness, 2. all the awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing through out this past year, and 3. YOU! if you’re reading this I’m thankful for you.


One response to “Pass the awkwardness please

  1. I’ve always had a hard time understanding Holidays, I understand the religious and national starting of most of them, and how really for most people, it’s just become tradition to do these things that we do. Not saying tradition is bad, it’s just, not the same. We are not honoring the oringal idea, the purpose that the holiday came to be by.

    I’ll just take a few examples. Thanksgiving, really, it was all with the Pilgrims and Native Americans and what not, but now, its more of a time to give thanks, sorta what they did, but in more of terms of thanks within our faimlys. Were you can see in Christmas, its more of everyone giving thanks, but i wont get into that. On thanksgiving, why should we put aside a speacial day to love our faimly, and eat a meal toghtehr? Why can’t we do that on any day? I give thanks to my faimly every day, I don’t think its right were I should be forced to give EXTRA thanks if its not needed. Brings me into the topic of Fathers day and Mothers day, since I don’t know if these started out as real holidays, or they started out as commerical holidays, it dosn’t really matter, its sorta the same problum, why should I honor my father extra on a certain day when I honor him constently through the year? Same thing with honoring my momther on mothers day.

    I lost were I was going with this.

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