Little Shack of Horror

Here’s what happened:

It was a normal everyday Thursday at the Shack of Radios until I got a call:

Caveman: Hello, Radio Shack Lewiston. This is Matt, how can I help you?

Phone Call: Hi! I’d like to place an order.

C: Oh, ummm can you hold a second.

PC: Sure

I look around the store to find someone who’s been there longer than I have, because I never was told how to fill an order. Luckly “A” walks by, and I ask him (“A” would know what to do the most out of the three of us who were currently working).

C: This guy whats to “place an order”. What should I do?

A: Well…ask him what he wants.

I pick the phone back up.

C: Ok sir, What exactly do you need?

PC: I would like 2 peperoni pizzas and some cheese sticks.

C: What?

When I was hired I heard about prank calls, and how some stores always try to pull a fast one on the new guy. As I try to process what was going on I realize the man on the phone sounded alot like “M”, whose been in the backroom since I’ve been on the phone.

C: “M” you’re are a jerk, but funny none the less.

PC: Excuse me sir, I just wanna order some pizza.

Me now thinking I’ve got to cover my ass, because it’s not “M”.

C: Sir this is Radio Shack.

PC: Oh, I’m so sorry. I just wanted a pizza, you didn’t have to call me a jerk.

C: (panicking) It’s ok sir. Have a good day.

To be continued…


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