Odyssey of the Mind

Today, I was talking to Cavemom about some recent problems that the US has had with Russia about placing large missiles around that general area, and that conversation lead to a discussion about old communist Russia.

Somehow the discussion about old communist Russia evolved into a discussion about Ivan Drago from Rocky IV (the crazy-ass Russian). Sadly my mind then slips to to the moment when Drago kills Apollo Creed, and (I kid you not) I start to get all teary(it’s like he killed a little piece of Rocky). Don’t worry the memory of Rocky fighting Mr. T from Rocky III gave me a good laugh and I’m feeling alright.

It’s funny how the mind works.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Apollo Creed.


Apollo Creed

(Rocky I-Rocky IV)

Special Note: The thoughts of all of us at Caveman World Headquarters goes to friend of blog: The Slackmistress, who has recently been going through some trying times. Also we were wondering if you do acquire a baby in the future and you’re looking for names, could you consider naming it after your favorite blogging caveman?


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