Honorary Caveman for Life, number 2

Ever since the awarding of the first ever Honorary Caveman for Life (11 days ago) I’ve been constantly hounded to add another person to our esteemed ranks. The major issue that has placed in front of me is: who?

The qualities that are key to being a Honorary Caveman for Life vary from time to time, and depends on my mood so its hard to narrow it down one single person. I was most surprise to find out I narrowed it down to two.

Honoree choice #1 is, most obviously, the newest 1st string Quarterback for the Chicago Bears Brian Griese. I chose Griese as a candidate due solely to the fact that he has rid us of that disease known as Rex Grossman.

Honoree choice #2 is, alot less obviously, Cockeyed.com’s Rob Cockerham. Cockeyed is chock full of pranks, creations, and just about the most kick-ass halloween costumes ever. Heck, Cockeyed is the site that first turned me on to the whole “do stuff and write about it” thing. You could even say there would be no Vintage Caveman without Rob Cockerham.

After examining all the facts I’m proud to accept Rob Cockerham as the newest Honorary Caveman for Life. Although with Griese means no Grossman, the last game was lost and like I heard a pimp say once “If you don’t produce, you don’t get paid”

Plus, Rob made something that sets other things on FIRE! Not to forget he’s always trying to find “How much is inside”.


Honorary Caveman for Life winners get a special place on the sidebar, and in my heart. Also, if I ever meet them in person I will give them five bucks.



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