Rhapsody in Blue

It has always frustrated me when people make snap judgements of me (and friends) based on my age and experience.

I’ve made the statement: “I really don’t like country music”, probably a hundred times and more than half the time I get met with: “What do you know about music? Why don’t you go back home and listen to your indie/rock/rap cds” (or some variation)

The major thing people don’t realize when making such a statement is that I am a musician, not a guy who thinks he’s in a rock band (although I did play drums in a death metal band for a week), but classically trained musician.

(Plus 2 nerd cred.) 

I play the trombone, the baritone horn, the french horn, the tuba, all manner of percussion, and the harmonica. I’ve played in three bands, two orchestras, and one unsucessful folk/bluegrass band I tried to start.

Through my general study of music learned to form solid opinions on what music I like. I discovered there is no one type of music I like, its all good (except for country, country sucks) 


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  1. i hope all read this article?

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