Just plain evil

I went to go see Resident Evil: Extinction on Sunday, and oh my god the PAIN! I was really hoping that this movie was going to redeem the franchise like Ocean’s 13, but instead it pulled a goddamn Godfather 3.

The movie is so bad that it pulls one of the oldest Hollywood tricks: The movie gets you to almost care for the quirky cast of characters, then kills 90% of them off just to get you personally invested in how it ends.

Don’t even try watching this movie if you haven’t seen the first two movies, because it insists on continuity and everything (absolutely everything) is tied up in the first two.

It telegraphs every remotely scary part, so you’ll know what is going to happen, and the only thing worse then all of the above is that the plot sets it up so there will be a sequel, not could be, there will be.

Finally, the movie just plain sucks in every horror/gore/bloody/zombie department.

This movie is definitely a rent, and should only be watched in the theaters if you can’t wait for gorier and more worthwhile movies like: 30 Days of Night (Oct. 19), and Saw IV (Oct. 26)


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