Honorary Caveman for Life: Russ Dillingham

A photographer for the Sun Journal (a newspaper based in my hometown) was sent to photograph the arrest of a man wanted by State, and Federal Police. It was a normal everyday assignment until he noticed the supect jumping off the third floor balcony and started taking pictures of him. As soon as the suspect landed the photographer tackled him, and held him until the police realized what was going on.232637-42310f.jpg

For going beyond the call of duty of a photographer, and general advancement in field of awesomeness, I am glad to give the first ever Honorary Caveman for Life award to photographer Russ Dillingham. Thank you Russ for being so damn cool.



Honorary Caveman for Life winners get a special place on the sidebar, and in my heart. Also, if I ever meet them in person I will give them five bucks.


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