Rest in Peace

The famous mime Marcel Marceau died a couple of days ago. I was going to ask for a moment of silence, but goddamn boing boing beat me to it.

Oh well, there goes my perfect poker game. Ages ago I took part in a game where you pick 4 people in history that you’d want to play a game of Texas Hold’em with. Mine was Marcel Marceau, Bob Hope, Yvonne De Carlo, and Don Knotts.


In response to the comment by the lovely Slackmistress:

I chose the people I did for the ideal poker game is for 2 very simple reasons: I’m a very old Hollywood/sitcom/TV kind of guy, and even if I am losing all my money I want to enjoy myself. 

I believe if you put two great comedic minds in the same room you’re bound to have a great time, and Bob & Don in their prime were just plain hilarious. Yvonne De Carlo was a truly amazing actress, as can be seen in the Ten Commandments, and was truly a fox. 

And finally, I picked Marcel Marceau because even though nowadays mimes are pariahs, a young Marcel was an innovator in his field, and that French bastard must have the best stories. 


One response to “Rest in Peace

  1. Why those four? Just curious…

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