A la mode

Unfortunately its to hard to be lazy when you’ve been indebted to help a friend for the weekend. More unfortunately, (for her and me) I’m as sick as a dog. I’m so sick I think I stopped being able to feel feelings or taste things for the last half an hour.

Also, I think I maybe a little delirious. I was flipping around t.v. channels and I stumbled on a Lifetime movie. The scene was a man with a 70’s porn-star mustache running down a young soccer mom in a car.  Even though it was a violent/sickening moment, all I could do was to laugh

On a different note I found something interesting via BetheBoy

 A young lady who goes by the name “the pants” (either I can’t find her real name, or am to lazy to) who is in a bit of a money pickle, is offering to paint shoes in a pop/comic art style for money.

I am extremely considering ordering a pair of these for 3 reasons:

1.I love handmade goods like this, I have to be the biggest etsy lurker

2. It’s comic art, If I get a pair it would either be Batman, zombies, or Zombie Batman 

3. It’s helping someone in need, I love to lend a hand, it’s my thang.

The only problem is that I’m poor as dirt


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