Come one, Come all

I have offically finished moving. (YAY!!!)

And today, I am proud to break in my new “office”(tiny work area) in the brand new Caveman World Headquarters. It’s not really far away from the last Caveman World Headquarters, about 5 miles.


I’ve been informed by my Caveman Union (local 331) that it’s members are no longer to blog anonymously,to help reinforce the plight of the mondern day caveman*. Although I haven’t been totally anonymous, I realize I haven’t open with all the details. In the spirt of honesty and openess, I give you…



When I’m not “The Vintage Caveman” my mom just calls me Matt. The nickname comes from my love of older stuff (history buff) and my being big and hairy (my lovely germanic blood).

I’m 18 years old and currently going to Central Maine Community College, and the plan is to transfer to University of Maine when I’m not poor. I hope to eventually study film, and one day work in documentary film.

I am currently living with my family (don’t laugh) because it saves me ALOT of money.

I’m really sleepy, and I think I’ve written enough for one post. GOOD NIGHT!

*Bull crap, I read a article saying readers can relate better if they know you better


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