La Vita ‘e bella

Good evening friends and closest family, I the Vintage Caveman has returned to you for good. The ordeal known as my summer job has ended, and I am exciteted to see what the future holds for me.

Although I have returned, I have return as a different Caveman. For almost 3 months I put myself out there in the world, met new people, relied on only myself, and became…well I don’t know.

The job itself was pretty easy, but for the entire time I worked at the “Decrative Surfaces” factory, I worked everyday (no sickdays) except the 4th of July and some weekends. Not including an epic amount of overtime. Gosh am I tired.

I feel alittle more intoverted, but less like a soggy newspaper. 

Now that I’m out of my psudo-depression/funk I can start anew. As the great Roberto Benigni has once said:”I’m so happy that every organ in my body is moving in a very bad way.”


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