My Summer Job

I’ve been held up for the past 3 weeks due to my new summer job. I work at a factory that makes “decorative surfaces” on the 3rd shift (11pm-7am), and its been pretty damn tuff.

I just get out of high school, and within the next week I have a full-time summer job. I’m pretty happy with myself… But as I  learn the job I start to realize that the people around me (average age: 41) are loud, bitchy, cranky, angery back-stabbers… Oh My God I’m Back In High School! 

I know exactly what you’re thinking: “It can’t be that bad”.

It truly is that bad… The lady who I’d had been working with for 2 weeks, tried to get me fired because she didn’t like me, and my being there prevented her from working with her girlfriend.

The worst of it all is the the job is in the middle of the night (11pm-7am). The human body is designed to sleep when it is dark, and be awake when it is light, but my job is forcing the opposite (and I think its killing me).

The only really good thing is the oodles of cash.


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