Finally, after a week long hiatus I have a chance to write something long, and some-what meaningful. Due to me adjusting to my new work schedule I haven’t had the time nor energy to even consider posting, but seeing that I’m getting better at this “time management” thing I can now take sometime out of my day to “write”. (Also I’ve learned to indicate sarcasim with quotation marks)

Return to the Blog-o-sphere

Today also marks the first time in a week I was able to read my favorite blogs. Although it took me nearly two and a half hours to read all the  missed posts, it was well worth it.

Also, may I add:

Good News 

I finally bought a digital camera! Unfortunatly the wireless is frigged up on my laptop, so pictures will come soon…


On June 8th, I Mr. Caveman became a fully responsible member of society by graduating at 7pm…or was it 8:30? I don’t know because the whole thing was about THREE HOURS LONG. 

It was incredably nerve racking lining up to “march” in. All of us in our best, taking pictures, talking in yearbook clichés (“Can you beleive we made it through”,”Have a great summer!”),and just waiting… Then the music starts, and the teachers (in their robes) exit through the big old doors first.

Halfway down the center aisle the teachers stop, and face towards the middle (I know, the symbolism is painful). I being the the second male student down, figured I cut the tension by giving all the teachers on my side a high five. 

After everything was said and done, the place was hell to get out of.

Project Graduation

For several years my school, and many school around has been doing something called “Project Graduation”. The main aim is to keep people from drinking and driving (most of us go for the free food).

45 minutes after graduation everyone was suposed to meet in the parting lot, get searched for booze, and pile into a bus going to a YMCA in the middle of nowhere.

I gotta say the YMCA out in the middle of nowhere had a pretty nice set up. It had 3 lanes of candle pin bowling, laser tag, a pool, and a giant inflatable “American Gladiator” style joust. We all stayed there until about 4:30.

To be continued


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